About Neil


As an experienced Artist & Illustrator with a professional history spanning over 40 years, my task is to bring concepts, ideas & proposals visually to life.  Having collaborated with architects, developers, designers,  and writers, for many years provides me with a unique advantage.

I develop my work from preliminary sketches or computer generated information with the final images produced by hand in pencil, line & wash or watercolour.   My clients range from architects & interior designers to writers & publishers, often working at the early stages of a contract when there is very little information.

I am used to liaising with design teams & providing on-the-spot sketches that allow the process to move quickly through ideas and viewpoints before deciding on the final images. The artwork is usually completed at my studio but often I am asked to work within clients offices or on location when required. These artworks are then scanned to disk or email to provide a speedy turnaround.

My paintings are a mixture of media including oils, acrylics,  watercolour and graphite. 
Feel free to contact me if you have a project or concept which you would like to discuss or progress.